Samuel Belzberg 6th International Dystonia Symposium

1st – 3rd June 2023

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to Dublin, Ireland, for the Samuel Belzberg 6th International Dystonia Symposium (IDS6).  IDS6 is named in memory of Samuel Belzberg, co-founder of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, who dedicated himself to advancing the understanding of dystonia and to supporting research that will lead to more improved treatments and ultimately a cure.

Nearly 10 years have passed since the 5th International Dystonia Symposium in Barcelona, Spain and since then our understanding of dystonia has increased significantly. With this meeting we hope to extend knowledge beyond current boundaries for the benefit of all those who live with this disorder.

The symposium is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of important scientific advances in the field and stimulate discussion within and across disciplines. We thank the organizers, session chairs, and speakers for helping us build this very exciting program. We hope that you will enjoy the Symposium and that your interactions with other attendees will facilitate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally rewarding. We also hope and trust that you will enjoy your visit to Dublin.

Kind regards,

Buz Jinnah, Co-Chair
Antonio Pisani, Co-Chair

The symposium a joint organizational effort of Dystonia Europe and the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.


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Rescheduled conference dates: 1st – 3rd June 2023

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